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  • TANKindustries


    Commercial work including 3D animation, brand and broadcast design.

  • LIV Organic

    Brand and package design

    LIV engaged TANK for creative direction of their new brand and package design.

  • ZIRH Men's Skincare

    ZIRH Warrior

    Creative direction and brand design for zIRH Warrior.

  • Comedy Central

    South Park

    Product design and brand creative direction.

  • Snoop Dogg


    Snoop Dogg movie clips for Yoostar. Creative direction, producion and post.

  • Interscope Records

    Sheryl Crow

    Music video for MTV Italy.

  • Lowe Worldwide

    XM on-air spots

    On air spots for XM radio's 3 month free promotion.

  • Lancaster Cosmetics


    Creative direction and brand design for Lancaster's Aquazur.

  • Comcast


    Creative direction for the network's on-air promo campaign.

  • Aereo

    IAC Launch

    Design and production of high-end press kit and brand collateral.

  • Newpark


    Creative Direction and production for a new 2012 ad campaign.

  • John Biondolillo


    Interactive creative direction, brand design for aboveandbiond's launch.

  • AKQA

    Coco Cola Olympic ad campaign

    With AKQA, we produced Coca Cola's Olympic online campaign.

  • HUGE, Inc

    Amnesty International

    With HUGE, we produced Amnesty International's Tear It Down campaign.

  • Fertile Grounds Project

    Brand Development

    Creative direction and comprehensive brand developement.

  • Accumed Technologies


    Brand design and interactive creative direction.

  • Otte Architecture

    Distrikt Hotel

    Brand creative direction for the new hotel in Times Square.

  • Lippincott Mercer

    Doosan website

    With Lippincott, we produced Doosan's interactive home page portal.

  • HUGE, Inc

    JC Penney

    With HUGE, we produced JC Penney's / Brides.com interactive wedding registry.

  • Poke, NY

    KY Jelly Two In One

    With Poke NY, we produced KY Jelly's Two In One online campaign.

  • Poke, NY

    KY Jelly Intrigue

    With Poke NY, we produced KY Jelly's Intrigue online campaign.

  • Poke, NY

    KY Jelly Sexy Is...

    With Poke NY, we produced KY Jelly's Sexy Is online campaign.

  • Big Spaceship

    Lifesavers String It Along

    With Big Spaceship, we produced the Sweet-n-Sour ad unit campaign.

  • Yoostar

    MTV Store Launch

    Environmental graphic design for the Yoostar MTV store takeover.

  • Charles Ferguson

    No End In Sight

    Film site for Charles Ferguson's documentary No End In Sight.

  • AKQA

    Project GX

    Interactive creative direction and production.

  • John Mayer

    Scotch Decanter

    Commissioned for John Mayer. Custom desihned scotch decanter and humidor.

  • AKQA

    Smirnoff Legacy

    With AKQA, we produced Smirnoff's Explore The Legacy online ad campaign.

  • AKQA

    Smirnoff Experience

    With AKQA, we produced Smirnoff's Youtube Experience online campaign.

  • AKQA

    Smirnoff Signature

    With AKQA, we produced Smirnoff's Explore The Legacy online ad campaign.

  • Simon and Schuster

    The Seven Rays

    Book design and brand creative direction for Jessica Bendinger's novel.

  • AKQA

    Top 11's

    With AKQA, we produced AOL's Top 11 online campaign.

  • Barney's


    Belts and buckle product design for Barney's NY and LA.

  • John Mayer

    Watch Winder

    Commisioned for John Mayer. Three units were built to hold 18 watches.

  • Snoop Dogg

    Yoostar landing page

    Interactive creative direction, production and brand design